Allyson Ettinger



Spring 2017: "Meaning in Language: Brains and Machines" (LING449R)

I designed and led this course independently, teaching a class of 16 undergraduates from linguistics and computer science. The course explored the concept of "meaning" from perspectives of linguistics, cognitive neuroscience of language, and natural language processing. [Syllabus]

Fall 2015: "Computational Approaches in Language Science" (CMSC289J/LING499J)

I served as TA for this course, in addition to designing and teaching a five-class segment on meaning and vector space models. This course also served both linguistics and computer science students. [Syllabus]

Fall 2014: "Language and Mind" (LING240)

I served as TA for this course, which is an Intro to Linguistics course for linguistics majors. [Syllabus]


Winter Storm workshop

For two years I also led the organization of the annual Winter Storm graduate training workshop, designing a two-week graduate training curriculum targeting key research skills, professional development, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

During one of these workshops I led a two-week morning session on science communication.