Allyson Ettinger


Fall 2019: "Computational Linguistics I" (LING 28610/ LING 38610 / CMSC 25610 / CMSC 35610)

Mixed graduate/undergraduate introduction to topics at the intersection of computation and language, oriented toward linguists and cognitive scientists. We study computational linguistics from both scientific and engineering angles -- the use of computational modeling to address scientific questions in linguistics and cognitive science, as well as the design of computational systems to solve engineering problems in natural language processing (NLP). [Syllabus]

Winter 2020: "Computational Linguistics II" (LING 28620 / LING 38620 / CMSC 25620 / CMSC 35620)

The second in the two-course sequence introducing topics at the intersection of computation and language. In this quarter we covered more advanced topics in cognitive/linguistic modeling and natural language processing (NLP), applying more complex programming and mathematical foundations. [Syllabus]

Spring 2020: "Seminar: Computational Linguistics" (LING 58600)

In this course we examined approaches to meaning in computational linguistics, particularly efforts to capture meaning and "understanding" in artificial intelligence. [Syllabus]

Past teaching (UMD)

"Meaning in Language: Brains and Machines" (LING449R)

"Computational Approaches in Language Science" (CMSC289J/LING499J)

"Language and Mind" (LING240)

Winter Storm workshop

For two years I led the organization of the annual Winter Storm graduate training workshop, designing a two-week graduate training curriculum targeting key research skills, professional development, and interdisciplinary collaboration. During one of these workshops I led a two-week morning session on science communication, featuring (among other things) improv comedy training.